Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is permanent makeup?

A: Permanent makeup is pigment placed under the skin (dermis). Together, the client and Specialist will create the desired shape, size and color. After the treament is done, The specialist will provide you with an ointment to use for a week. Apply with a clean Q-tip, not your fingers. Use only what the technician gives you. Leave the tattooed area exposed to the air so that it can begin to heal but keep the area moist with the ointment given to you until the healing is complete. It takes about a week (usually 7-10 days) for a tattoo to heal on the surface. Healing is still occurring an additional 2-3 weeks beneath the skin. For at least 7-10 days, you should not apply cosmetics over the area and NO PEROXIDE or other creams! The lips will get chapped and the brows may develop a little scab, but be sure that you do not peel off that area!  If it flakes, let it flake off by itself.  If you peel it off, the pigment comes off with it. It is also advised not to “look” in the mirror for at least a week (two is better). You will find something to “pick” or “criticize”, and the complete finished look should not be judged during this healing time. First, you will worry that the color is too dark. Then, you will get used to the darker look. The third truth, is that you will have lost 30-50% of the color. This is why touch up's are vital. A good procedure is knowledge and proper aftercare, not luck.

Q: I have heard that these procedures require multiple sessions. Why is that necessary?

A: It is necessary for several reasons. One is due to the condition of the skin. Each skin type is different. Some skin types are thicker and healthier and more pigment will be retained in one session. Also, fine details, additional color depth, or design adjustments are easily made after the initial healing is complete. A follow-up visit is usually scheduled, if only to meet and discuss the healed outcome of the procedure, and agree that no further work is necessary. However discuss all these concerns with your specialist. Typically it takes a total of at least 2, possibly 3 applications, 4 weeks apart to achieve the desired outcome.

Q.If this is permanent, why are future touch-ups necessary?

A: The major issues affecting the pristine appearance of your procedure is exposure to the sun, changing health conditions, medications, anti-aging products and hormonal changes. At some point in time, usually several years after your initial procedure, you will want to refresh the color. 

Q.I'm worried about the word "permanent"

A: Don't be. Permanent makeup is a multi session process. During the healing process the first application can fade up to 40%-70%. If at that point you are dissatisfied with your permanent makeup (extremely rare), then no harm is done because much of the pigment will have flaked off - this is the way the body heals itself. If anything, most clients return requesting more color, a thicker line, etc. After each subsequent application 4 weeks apart, the area retains more color, giving you the beautiful final outcome.

Q: How soon before I can resume normal activities?

A: For most people, usually the same day. Procedures normally produce a little swelling or trauma to the surrounding skin. As a result, you may resume normal activities, as long as they do not have an adverse affect on the healing process. For example you wouldn't want to introduce bacteria into the treated area by sweating while jogging. It is recommended you do not plan a special function the day of and up to 3 days after having your permanent makeup, only because it's a new look and will be darker than the final outcome.  Avoiding public pools, oceans or open bodies of water should also be avoided.

Q. Will I be uncomfortable during the procedure?

A: We have excellent topical anesthetics, which reduces discomfort to a minimum.